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Shingtat International Travel Service Co., Ltd. was formerly known as the Shingtat Taiwan Compatriots Permit and Visa Center. It has been 30 years since the establishment of the Hong Kong head office in 1987. We have been officially authorized by the issuing unit to act as an agency in Taiwan to assist tourist organizations and Internet travelers in Taiwan. Visas to China, including foreigners in Taiwan/locals/born in China, etc.Because the current visa (Taiwan compatriot certificate) is required to attach the original passport, security has become the most important part of our company. Every afternoon, we send personnel to carry all the documents to the issuing unit by special plane, and we will also send them back to Taipei every morning to achieve the safest and fastest transportation method and reduce the risk of document leakage. We provide The passenger handling express mail allows the case that the passenger handed over to us to be completed and returned to the applicant in the fastest and safest way, and we look forward to serving you. 

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Types of ChinaVisa for Taiwan Passport     [中文版] Working day Visa fees required materials

台胞證Taiwan compatriot card

-  Cheap Flights continent - 

-Holiday description-

-Taiwan compatriot card application is currently granted as usual-

7 days 1500

1. Taiwan original passport .

2. Taiwan ID card copy (2 sides)
3. 1pcs photo.
 [Please refer to the photo note

4. If you have changed your name, please attach a transcript of your household registration.
5. Under 16 years of age, a detailed household registration transcript and a photocopy of the identity card of the parent must be required.
6. The Taiwan compatriot certificate needs to be attached if it has not expired, and it does not need to be attached if it expires.
7. Please attach the original report certificate for the missing piece.
8. If the Taiwan compatriot card is defaced, you must bring the original defaced copy.
9. The place of birth must be in Taiwan . For those born abroad, please refer to
[ Born Abroad ]


-For hospital nucleic acid certification information and China port information, please click here [ Enquiry ]-

-The applicant cannot be in mainland China when he is processing the Taiwan compatriot certificate-

4 days 2400
Next day 4900
-The fastest item the next day needs to be delivered in person before 11:00am-[ details ]

Lost/contaminated part of Taiwan compatriot card

(Lost items may be 1 day slower)

7 days 2600
4 days 3400
3 days 4800
Group price for more than 10 people 8 days Call [LINE video confirmation]


(Critically ill/bereavement/emergency)

Most urgent Call Take photos online   (you can process photos without going out)

Ticket god! Super low fare!


Types of chip passports Working day Visa fees required materials
Chip Taiwan 10 Years Passport 6 days 1500-adult
To apply for a passport for the first time, you must go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to go through the application in person or go to the household registration for [personal identification]
1. Two two-inch color photos with white background. (Snapshot machine special price is 99 yuan)
2. Original ID card.
3. The original copy of the old passport.
4. Children under the age of 18 must have the original guardian ID card.
5. Those under the age of 14 must register the original household register or transcript of household register.
6. The original of the domestic loss declaration form shall be required for those who have lost it.
7. The applicant must fill in the form in person. [ Form ] [ Example of filling in the form ]
*Please be sure to attach the completed form to avoid affecting the working day, because the company cannot fill in the application form for the customer in accordance with the regulations.
5 days 1800-adult
4 days



3 days



 Hong Kong visa can be applied online for free from September 1, 2012 http://www.gov.hk/par
Online Hong Kong eVisa (Apply online by yourself) immediate 30 days 2 times in 2 months free For a Taiwan passport valid for more than six months, the place of birth must be China or Taiwan.


Visa for other regions Working day Visa fee required materials
Vietnam Tourist Visa  VM 7 days From 1550 Passport photocopy, 2 photos, must provide the correct date of entry and exit from Vietnam. [ Details]
Thailand Tourist Visa  TG   Simple Version 6 days 1590 The original passport, a photo, and a photocopy of the front and back of the ID card. [Details]
India Tourist Visa AI  6 days 3900 Original passport, photocopy of ID card, 1 5X5 photo, reservation record, business card, home phone number, job title . [Details]
Australia eVisa  QF  4 days 500 Original passport, photocopy of ID card, and email address provided. [Details]
Malaysia has signed MH multiple times  6 days 2400 Original passport, photocopy of ID card, phone number, two photos, date of entry, job title, air ticket, itinerary. [Details]
Philippine Tourism  PR 5 days 1650 The original passport, 2 photos, and a photocopy of the front and back of the ID card. [Details]
Brunei Sightseeing BW 9 days 1200 Original passport, 1 photo, photocopy of ID card, PNR, phone number, local information, accommodation voucher.
Turkey Electronic Sign IT 4 days 500 Photocopy of passport, photocopy of ID card, telephone.
Argentina Sightseeing BE 9 days 9300 The original passport, 2 photos, a photocopy of the ID card, and proof of employment in English .
Brazil Tourist Visa SA 14 days 4300 Original passport, 1 photo, photocopy of ID card, English employment certificate, financial proof, air ticket .
US electronic signature US 8 days 1100 Photocopy of passport, basic information sheet, 1 5X5 photo.
Outer Mongolia Tourism UL 12 days 3400 Original passport, 1 photo, photocopy of ID card, proof of employment, PNR, room certificate and English itinerary .
Saudi Arabia RH 9 days 7900 Original passport, 2 photos, photocopy of ID card, proof of employment, invitation letter, company letter, recommendation letter .
Russia tourist visa MO 12 days 4600 Original passport, 1 photo, photocopy of ID card, invitation letter, room voucher and local travel agency itinerary .
Dubai Tourist Visa AU 9 days 4500 Original passport, 1 photo, PNR .
Pakistan Tourist Visa BZ 9 days 6300 Original passport, 1 photo, photocopy of ID card, invitation letter, 4 forms notarized by the court .
Myanmar Electronic Visa MY  6 days 2100 Photocopy of passport, 1 photo, photocopy of ID card, job title, telephone number, local information, port of entry. [Details]
Cambodia Electronic Visa  CB 6 days 2100 Photocopy of passport, 1 photo, photocopy of ID card, PNR, phone number, local information, accommodation voucher. [Details]


Delivery method CONTACT
OFFICE DETAIL Self-service delivery method

Send in person to the address of our Visa Pass company:     

 [Nearby parking information] 

 To shop submittal must see << users find the wrong address recent events appear !!

8 of 6th Floor , No. 40 , Changchun Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City .  

(The elevator presses the 6th floor) [Please click here to view the map]


 [ Click This Check The Map ]

 If the third-level epidemic is serious, it is recommended to use [ mailing methodif it is not urgent

Telephone Tel: (02) 2. 4. 5. 1 - 2. 5. 1. 7

Receiving time: Monday to Friday 09:00-16:30  (12:00-1:30 noon for dinner)  


 Nearby MRT Station:


 Zhongshan Station [Exit R9 of Underground Book Street]

  Walk for 5-8 minutes in the direction of the sports center.

  (8 of 6th Floor, No. 40, Changchun Road)





<-Click here to check the bus route<Chinese version>

 <- check a bus to our office (ENGLISH)


****** Note for self-delivery: Our company will not notify you for pickup

 * CONTACT: STTVISA (VICTOR)  [Visa fee can be paid on site]

 * When the company picks up the package, it will notify the pick-up date. Please pick it up at the company on the specified day without notice.

Mail DETAIL mailing method

<Please send by registered mail, not by ordinary mail>

Recipient's postal address:

8 of 6th Floor , No. 40 , Changchun Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City (10450) .


 6F-8, NO.40, CHANG CHUN RD., TAIPEI,TAIWAN. (10450)

Recipient please specify: Visa Acceptance 


Recipient's telephone TEL: (02) 25415271.

Return postage: Free Charge

(But Only Mail to Taiwan Local place)

POST RATES : FREE (Only by mail for our office)

Please note the following before mailing:

1. Please specify clearly- recipient , recipient address , mobile phone number .

2. If you need to issue a unified number, please indicate clearly.

3. It is recommended to let us know the departure date.

4. Please use the originals to make clear photocopies of all copies to prevent them from being returned.

5. Please do not mail cash.

* Free shipping and return -our company uses Chunghwa Post to send it back by registered mail within a limited time.

*Please send out the completed ATM transfer form at the same time to simplify the company's processing time and save time. We will send a text message when we receive the email.

We return send e-mail for safety reasons, all use the company-specific envelopes, do not attach any additional own envelope.


Payment method Payment

 1. Cash payment: Pay at the same time when you deliver the package in person on the spot.

 2. ATM transfer: Please remit money to the bank before sending the shipment and send the receipt together.    

    <--------------------------------------------     Please print out after remittance The receipt and information are sent to the Visa Pass company. If it is not convenient to attach, please use a note to indicate the amount of remittance, time and 5 digits after the bank.

Visa Pass-Contact Method      [Payment Method]
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